Tokenized Audio

Welcome to the future of
audio protection.

The worlds first tokenized
audio tracking system.

CryptoBullsNFT Token (CBNT) attaches a unique cryptographic token to your audio & tracks it so you never have to worry about unauthorized use.


Somone in Russia uploaded a video with your content? If you have the token , you have the rights. So CryptoBullsNFT Token (CBNT) will work to recover your royalties.

Fully Stable, Forever

CryptoBullsNFT Token (CBNT) is built upon the Ethereum blockchain , therefore it's safe to say our network is incredibly stable and every piece of audio tokenized will be on the blockchain forever.

OpenSea Friendly

Our smart contract is currently registered with OpenSea, meaning that you are free to trade your CryptoBullsNFT Token (CBNT)s on the OpenSea marketplace from day one!

This is awesome but
how does it work?

First we register the audio signature.

When you upload a piece of audio , it is tagged with a unique cryptographic signature. A CryptoBullsNFT Token (CBNT) corresponding to this unique ID is then created.

The second is our CryptoBullsNFT Token (CBNT) crawler.

We've built a complex web-crawler that compares audio found to registered CryptoBullsNFT Token (CBNT) tokens. If a piece of audio is found that contains material that has been registered in the CryptoBullsNFT Token (CBNT) system , we will work to recover the royalties. We crawl all major media platforms and are constantly expanding our reach as we grow.

Where we're at.

What we've achieved and where we're heading.

How do I store these

The beauty of building on top of the Ethereum network is that you can use mostly use any Ethereum wallet.

We recommend using MetaMask. So here is a quick guide to storing your CBNT using MetaMask!

As a prerequisite, you should already have Metamask on mobile installed.

  • Step 1: Mint your token on CryptoBullsNFT Token (CBNT)
  • Step-One
  • Step 2: Add your collectable to Metamask.
  • Step-Two Step-Two-Final

    Make sure your on the main Ethereum network, select the "Collectibles" tab on the right and add the NFT smart contract address and the ID of your NFT — which you should be able to find on Etherscan based on the transaction hash provided after minting.

    Your token will also be tradeable via the OpenSea platform. You can view the CryptoBullsNFT Token (CBNT) collection Here.

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