What is CryptoBullsNft?

Crowdfunding platform. CryptoBullsNft is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that helps indie game developers to fundraise by pre-selling unique in-game assets in the form of NFTs.

Similar to Kickstarter’s proven business model, funding on CryptoBullsNft is all-or-nothing. No one will be charged for a pledge towards a project unless it reaches its funding goal.

The CryptoBullsNftToken (CBNT) economy

The CryptoBullsNftToken (CBNT) is an ERC20-compliant cryptographic token that can be traded on the Ethereum blockchain just like ether.

  • The CryptoBullsNftToken (CBNT) economy

    The Geek Coin economy - supply and demand
    The CryptoBullsNftToken (CBNT) is an ERC20-compliant cryptographic token that can be traded on the Ethereum blockchain just like ether. It is both a CryptoBullsNft platform currency and an independent store of value for players and investors alike.

  • Fluctuation free NFT pricing

    To tackle the CryptoBullsNftToken value fluctuations, game developers will configure the sales prices of their NFTs in USD. CryptoBullsNft will pull the latest USD value of CryptoBullsNftToken from its internal coin exchange and provide the USD to CBNT conversion rate to smart contracts, in real-time. In this way, USD prices set by content providers can be converted in CBNT automatically at purchase time.

    In other words, an NFT that costs $50 will always cost $50; however, the number of CBNT required to complete the transaction on the blockchain will fluctuate according to the latest CBNT market price.

  • Handling traditional payment methods

    While CryptoBullsNft’s crowdfunding and marketplace will offer both CBNT and classic payment options, all transactions will ultimately be executed using CBNT.

    Payments via traditional methods like a credit card, PayPal, etc. are automatically and transparently converted to CBNT (by purchasing them from coin holders) which are then used to complete the transaction.

  • Player earnings

    One of CryptoBullsNft’s core user experience philosophies is to provide players diverse ways to easily and instantly earn CBNT.

    Opportunities to earn CryptoBullsNftToken (CBNT) include:

    → Referral of players
    → Participate in betas
    → Watch advertisements
    → Trade digital goods
    → Participate in our rewards program
    → Report bugs
    → Write reviews
    → Share content on social networks
    → Compete in contests


Q3 2021 - CryptoBullsNft

CryptoBullsNftToken launch (CBNT).
CryptoBullsNft platform early access for indie game developers.
First NFT pre-orders.

Q4 2021 - CryptoBullsNft

Full-scale crowdfunding platform launch.
Payout tracking system. In order to prevent funding scams and platform misuse, all projects posted for funding will be reviewed and require KYC.
Automatic NFT release upon project delivery.
CryptoBullsNft API - for direct CBNT economy integration in-game (Unity 3D and Unreal engine plugins).
In-game wallet solution.
Marketplace solution for Unity 3D and Unreal engine.

Q1-2 2022 - CryptoBullsNft

CryptoBullsNft marketplace launch (to trade and buy NFTs).
Auction system integration.
Direct CBNT token purchase on the CryptoBullsNft platform.
Direct purchase of CBNT with FIAT currency.

Q3-4 2022 - CryptoBullsNft

CryptoBullsNft mobile app for iOS and Android.
API for mobile games. CryptoBullsNft API integrations for iOS and Android game development.
Introduction of additional NFT types: Music, Videos, Movies.


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